Inshore Fishing in Orange Beach, Alabama

If you're looking for a fishing option that doesn't involve rough waterways or going offshore, you're going to love what inshore fishing can offer you. When you go inshore fishing, you'll enjoy the beautiful scenery as you fish for a large variety of sport fish. You will be thrilled with the whole experience and even more thrilled when you catch a plethora or sport fish. You will also get to see and enjoy some of the hidden gems found along the coastline.

Ready to enjoy the entire inshore fishing experience?

  • 4 hours: $450
  • Includes two people
  • $100 for each additional person
Go fishing for red fish, flounder, sheep head, blue fish, tarpon, and much more. Call 251-981-1998 or book your fishing trip today and let us become your favorite fishing go-to experts.
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